Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well enough to paint and model

And I'm feeling creative and confident in my focus, so I've decided to do a modelling diary.

To the non-miniatures geeky, this is where you commit to making and painting a miniatures army from the piles of plastic and concepts in books all the way to a completed army ready to play and looking good on the table.

Since my health is poor, all those fit and active things I normally do won't get in the way. Since I'm currently single, those lass related distractions are gone as well. I reckon it's a pretty safe bet I'll stay single as well. "Hey  good looking, I smell like linament and my arm doesn't work, how about it?"

(Note for me: Might have found a cool, obscure planet for my IG -


Barnesm said...

Well its alwasy good to have goals

Henry Walker said...

Been there, there now in some ways actually. My training has been cut down severely. At least I have good collection of books to work with, and an Xbox 360 for distractions. :-)