Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend: Short and Sharp:

Saturday wedding was fun catchup with the gang. Drinks at the pub was a cool catchup with some It was amusing that the wedding was located just by the large goldfish pond where an ex-Australian prime minister was lifetime banned for a nude swim in his student days.

Sunday was Apoc followed by ANU campaign. Apoc was the recently finish 5k of Tau V Roger's "Megafauna" Tyranids list. ANU was my GC Cult V John's Eldar. Both fun in very different ways.

Will expand once I get a moment. Make that if.

Jen - I said "Hi" to Birmo for you.
Birmo - I loved the possible flavors of the introduction "This is Bart, a friend of Dirk."


Barnesm said...

Eldar, there are just waaay too many unit types.

Tyrannids smash

YsambartCourtin said...

Yeah, and the Eldar player is new. Sure, Elves are pretty, but you have to be GOOOOOD to drive them. Nids beat me, I got the Eldar.