Thursday, September 17, 2009

Broken Wing & Charcoal Restauraunt

Gina, my remedial therapist, got into my arm yesterday, working it hard, hurting like blazes but doing the right stuff to fix it. The back has been worked and has stopped hurting, it's just down to the mess just above the elbow. Back in the pool after work. I won't be doing much at the guild day except talking. Can't paint or fence one arm down!

A few of the gang have a payday expensive dinner ritual. I felt a bit cashed up so headed along. It was 'Charcoal Restaurant' in the Melbourne building, Civic. They proudly have not changed their menu significantly since the seventies, and the only change in the eighties was to remove one of the lobster dishes. We started with the deep friend camenbert, and as we were all ex-Queenslanders, had to know what 'Avocoado' as an entree would be. Apparently, an Avocado as an entree is sliced in half with vinaigrette in the seed hollow. :) Mains were mainly big cow. I went with the veal scallopini. Wonderful stuff. Dessert was the funniest for me. There was chocolate mousse withe creme de menthe. I have only ever seen creme de menthe served ironically, or at heavy theme parties. I had to order it. Nothing says seventies to me like creme de menthe, creamed rice, rhubarb or glaze fruit.

The company was good, and the clientele pretty standard expensive Canberra fair. A couple of conservative politicians were behind us. It was amusing, as I got to actually overhear someone admit in public that they were a climate change denialist. There was lots of gruff manly talk about 'crucifying' various factional enemies. At the other end were some nice family groups.


Jyggdrasil said...

Sue took me out for a proper long boozed up APS lunch at Charcoal before Jane and headed Canada-way.

I remember it as being very tasty, and slightly blurry

YsambartCourtin said...

That summarizes the experience nicely. Except I was on painkillers for the arm - similar effect though :)