Monday, July 20, 2009

Flu, CS:Source, 1k Sons, Hepburn and Fry.

The flu does strange things to people. As those who read my blog know, it is mainly a calendar and some quick entries about little events or amusing anecdotes. Essentially, I'm usually so busy having my life I don't get to write about it.

However, this years flu has stopped me in my tracks. My brain is fuzzy, my body is sore, I need to stay rugged up, and going outside into the Canberra winter just makes me worse. My concentration is so low I can't play Counterstrike Gun Game for more than a map or two. This is serious illness :)

When I can't stare at my cathode ray friend anymore (Yeah. I rode that wave. $50 for a 21 inch monitor just because it's a CRT? Hells yeah) and outside is off limits, I tend to end up at the miniatures table. It is perched happily behind the couches, and a glance up will let me see our beautiful huge LCD Teev.

However, I faced a very modern crisis. I had watched everything in the lounge room. Singles were all watched. Boxed sets were all finished. Ceasar had bitten the big biscuit in Rome series One. Dexter had slashed his way through two series, the Battlestar was silent, and the residents of Deadwood had shot their way to a new age of telegraphs and Cornish miners. Stargates were crossed and the worlds conquered with 9mm mp5's (I laugh every time). Clint Eastwood had shot a large amount of criminals and cowboys.

It was time to dig a little deeper.

A boxed set - win. Pink. Hrm. Audrey Hepburn. Other than "My Fair Lady" had seen nothing of her work. What the hell.

Thousand Sons are one of my favourite armies 40k fluff wise. Magnus used naughty, naughty magic and quested for knowledge, and when the beefy, popular, boofheaded Horus rebelled he tried to warn dad and got his teeth kicked in. One of his men saw the original dream corrupted, and instead of being a good minion, tried to DO Something About It. And turned his men into ghost marines of awesome lead by mages.

I always loved them, but my painting skills were not up to doing them justice. I made all my mistakes on the High Elves, and then when I learned my limitations I retreated to Blood Angels and the Empire. Now my skills are advancing, It's time to go to an army just because it's cool and fluffy. The fact my favourite effect I ever obtained were the Eagle wings on the High Elf Giant Eagles may have had something to do with it - Awesome fluffy marines combined with Bird mages for the big win.

My book at the moment is Stephen Fry's 'Moab is my washpot.' I still haven't figured out why it is his washpot, only being 60% through, but I'm enjoying it immensely. Honest and personal writing about a man, who was a boy in a place time with institutions that fascinate.

So my non work time has taken a curious pattern. I get up, and home cook all my meals. I head out to the minatures desk to eat, and throw on some Hepburn and construct and paint for a while, my Thousand Sons or Barry's Tau. When my concentration fades I nick off to bed, and read more Fry. If I am mentally blunt, I got back to the miniatures desk. If I feel sharp, I burn it off with some Counterstrike, until I slink back to dullness of mind or soreness of arms. Give it a map or two.

I only attempted actually leaving the house late Sunday. I tried to go and watch fighter practice, but the wind ripped righ through my three layers and my scarf, and I felt my warmth and strength leaching away within minutes. By the time I had greeted people I had to leave. I went to Sui's to be patterned for a fighting jacket by the lovely Meesh. My brain, being enfebled, forgot that it was not a patterning but an alteration. I had forgotten the critical garment. Oh well.

So my weekend and last night were spent modelling in front of a model, tapping away to show tunes and the delightful fluff that is a Hepburn movie. I'm glad I don't play Slaneesh, or I would wonder If I hadn't caught an entriely different condition than the flu.

Anyone got any boxed sets I can borrow that I haven't watched? Preferably with stuff that blows up? I think I need it - I've never dressed well enough to like gentlemen in that way, and I'm currently too unwell to chase women, or have enough energy to do anything interesting if I caught them.

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