Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Secrets over.

The complicated secret stuff is over. Back to open book mode. For those of you who guessed, yes, it was a girl. As Sui would say, "Chicks."

Still can't really say what was going on, but I'm single as can be, and ready to get working on festival, then crown, and being fit and ready.

Other news - it looks pretty certain that I'll be swapping out my Yaris hatch for a Hilux ute. Single cab, Silver with a covered tray. I needed more cubic area of storage, and I wasn't carrying more than two people very often. I had so nearly paid off the Yaris that payments will remain the same per fortnight. Gee people bend over backwards to get the sale when we are in a global slowdown :)


Flinthart said...

You are gonna feel a lot more comfortable in a ute than you ever did in the Yaris. No matter how much laff value you've downtraded.

Anonymous said...

everytime i read your posts.. there's always a handful of words i dont know..



Chaz said...

Hah! knew it was a woman!!!

Samtreea said...

Yeah I guessed there was something going on involving a girl. I'll answer snowangel; a yaris is a toyota yaris it's a hatchback car (dont know if they ever came as a sedan). As for a ute, ute is australian slang for utility; which is a vechicle often refered to (from american tv at least) as a truck. They are often classed as a light truck.

YsambartCourtin said...

Guess what - as normal, the Toyota sales guy passed the details to the finance girl pretty badly, and when I sorted it out, they had gotten everything wrong. When we got it sorted out, the price was too much.

Snowangel - don't worry about it, we are the nice type of natives who don't mind explaining :) Each time you have a word you don't understand, I'll see if it's in urban dictionary. I love that site. BTW - Thanks for the translations Samtreea! Ute = pretty much a pickup truck.

YsambartCourtin said...

& good work Chaz :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bartski

Hope the girl thing went well.

I'm trying to track down some pork belly if you have a hankering?

YsambartCourtin said...

Abe - booking a time might be fun, but I am interested.