Sunday, March 29, 2009

The runaround

Friday night was come home and ready things for the runaround, and the Friday night movies.
Next morning I ran Clare into work and then headed into GW to talk geek with the lads. Thousand Sons army idea from Matt C was to use Flamers off Tzeentch as Obliterators. That idea was spun from golden win, I bought three flamers on the spot. I'll base them on 'back to base-ix" bases and make them extra cool. After that I picked up Nick, and then went on to the wedding picnic.
Some friends were married in Melbourne, and then held a picnic for friends in Canberra to mark the occasion. After that I took Dr Nick to the airport, then went home for more packing. Then I got dressed up (only a little) and got Clare from work and took her home to get ready for dinner. Dinner was at Iori, and I did the $55 feast. The sushi was outstanding, the sake warm and company excellent. Then we went off to Womble's new apartment, 200 degree views and on the eigth floor. Very nice. Clare i I went home, and made a drink or two. We were half in the mood for a late movie, but when there was a random episode of "Angel" on, that worked out fine. Clare crashed in Dr Nicks bed.

We went to a little bakery for breakfast the next morning. After I ran Clare home, I went off to my knights place, and spent the next few hours in the workshop, making the two round shields for the Merovingian War unit, one for me and one for Eadwyn. After that I went to Fighter Practice. After Fighter Practice we went to Debacle for a pint and nacho's. then off to Sui's, and gaming club. Sui and I had a close mission, one where you had to take buildings. I took 5 buildings to his 4. In my next game, I played an Orc player, where we had to take the enemies base. Neither of us managed to take the objective for a hard fought draw.

I always stay busy, but that was quite a bit even for me :)


jennicki said...

You are a busy bee!!

Chaz said...

Runnin around chewing scooby snacks eh?

YB have you got Dawn of War 2 yet?

YsambartCourtin said...

I have an older gaming machine, well behind cutting edge gaming. But my flatmate has a phat gaming rig. The cut scenes were super awesome. Next time he is on a trip and I have some time I'll sit down with it and have a few hours. After Easter is the plan.