Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rowany Rush is on big time this year.

Rowany Rush is the phenomenon where you spend the weeks before Rowany Festival running around like a mad thing getting everything ready for the biggest medieval event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Last year was completely on top of it. I was packed a week out, and ready to roll. This year, I am on the biggest rush ever. Armour maintenance is a constant chore - it protects you from trauma by coping the trauma itself, so by it's nature it is constantly getting struck and abused. Armour, like an onion, is all about layers, and my base layer of armour is dead. The base layers are the akerton (fabric jacket) and the chausses (fabric 'chaps') .

My akerton has exploded, with failed seams and disconnected arms from the body of the jacket. My chausses are just tatty. I have a new akerton comingon the weekend. Hooray! Super-Caera has taken up the mantle where no-one else could succeed!

Why does this mean I'm about to be thrown into the rush? Because I now have to re-jig my armour from the ground up, and I have new armour to be fitted for the first time.

In a world where most people wear clothes off the rack, this would not be something people would be too aware of, but most quality sports people know the drill - the customisation of the gear so it moves with you and works like a second skin.

With sport gear it is pure tweaking - you buy the commercial item, and then make minor alterations. Well, with armour everything is handmade, and you are given the equipment in a partially finished state. there are still many hours of getting it ready, and even more if you want to get it moving like a second skin.

I will be given the akerton over the next few days, and then it is on.


Akerton - create lacing points.
Elbows - create gutterss , cover, pad, lace and strap
Knees - create uppers to make them legs, cover, and strap
Leg suspension - old one is too tatty. Create and strap.
Shield - create two round shields. Edge, cover, attach bosess, create handles

Camping gear - Complete shed cleanout and gear assesment.

Packing - will I have to completely clean and clear up the shed. Will I have the van purchased with my Ruddbucks by then? Am I shoveling into the Yaris hatch, or will I have the luxury to be a bit lazier and take the van?

It's only two weeks away, and time is running short.

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