Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am far from the fire.

Out thoughts are with the now international team fighting the fires.

For Australians: Commonwealth Bank is handling the appeal.

For American friends who have asked questions: Canberra is 150 miles from the fires and safe. Don't worry about Abe or I, but think of donating to the International Red Cross. They perform wonders wherever they go. Also, Barack Obama expressing regret and offering help was much appreciated.

Rest of the world: International Red Cross/ Red Crescent is awesome. They might save me: they might save you. Who knows when disaster might strike? But Red Cross/ Crescent will be there.


Nautilus said...

Yep and the Salvos. My grandfather came back from WWII saying he no longer believed there is a god, but thank god for the salvos!

YsambartCourtin said...

Yeah, there are plenty of appeals, but any Asutralian can get to a post office, and through that the ComBbank appeal. A lot of country people are far from the Salvo's.

The Salvo's do good work. And even survived their treatment in the movie "Bad Boy Bubby". I always have a little smile when talking to Salvo's after watching that movie. Damn that is an awesome/strange movie.

Therbs said...

Some RSL and Leagues Clubs in sydney are running their own benefit nights and have donation tins on the bar. Apparently McDonals has donation tins as well.
Our payroll mob have set up an auto deduct facility where we can specify an amount and it goes direct from our pay to the appeal.
Total is over $75m for the appeal.

jennicki said...

I'm really glad you're OK!!