Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poker Player Profiles

With the addition of two newcomers, we have had our first double up in cities of birth of our players. We now have two natives. Just for fun, here are some player profiles:

Mr Murwillumbah, NSW
: Loves going in too far - will push a hand too far just to see what and who breaks first. "Lucky 7." Record: One win

Mr. IT Canberra, ACT: Be aggressive, Be-ee aggresive. B.E AGG R.E SS IVE! "Which one of you fa... Don't lick me!" Best place: Fourth

Ms. Newcastle. NSW: Newcomer - capably uses her feminine wiles to distract the lads from the fact that she is a gun player. "I didn't say that." Awesome to watch. Best result- First Season

Mr. Hong Kong: Our human calculator. Still pround of the fact that I once caught him in a calculation error. Maths man! "I always have a flush." Two wins

Mr. Porokea NZ: Cash game specialist. Very conservative - many flee becasue if he bets, he's got something great. "Blargle." Best result: Cash game wins

Mr. GW Canberra, ACT: Good at the National Poker Leauge, finding his feet here. "That sir, is spun from golden win." Best result- First Season

Ms. China - The best poker face at the table - you just never know what's going on behind those eyes."Not this time." Best result: Cash game wins

Mr Brisbane, QLD - Knows his numbers, if he stays on top of the psych aspect, scores well. "Me fail poker, that's unpossible." Three wins.

Mr Darwin, NT - Young, good brain, but gets emotional about luckers. And we have a lot of luckers. "It's BS, that was just luck!" Best result - One win

Mr WOW - When he's not on a World of Warcraft raid, he stirs everyone and makes the game much more fun. "Did you know that you are tall?" Best result: Cash game wins

Mr Mount Isa, QLD - Yours truly. Plays the psych game well and truly over the win game. Drives the calculators crazy. "Of course it's another full house. It's me!". Best result: Second.


Nautilus said...

One of the guys I play against always raises the same amount when he has a pair pre-flop. Makes it hard for him to bluff early.

Therbs said...

I've only played a few times. I assume this is Texas Hold 'Em. Made 2nd round twice. My profile:
Mr Sydney - will not engage unless he has good cards and after six or seven hands will go all in on the basis that an ace can beat anything.

YsambartCourtin said...

Yup, it's Texas hold'em, and Therbs, you would fit right in :)