Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting back in the habit of blogging.

Gah. I'm out of the habit. Can't maintain focus, too much actually going on to get the time to write a structured piece. Meh, I'll just spill it higgledy piggeldy. Golf - carry a few injuries, I can't exercise stupid hard (my preferred method) so I've pulled it back to golf. A quick nine here and there has been good. Late starts (11am) mean I can sneak nine or even eighteen in easily. Nice. The regulars have started up again, with Monday WHFRP with Kim as GM, and practice at Sir Stephens getting a few people in and keen. GWMatt is camping with us at Festival, which should be cool.

Sui & Meesh have a new house. Will check that out this afternoon and say Hi. Moving in summer - yick. I'm not a fan. At least a Canberra summer is so much milder than a Brisvegas one.

I had a few bucks spare so I purchased Army Builder 3.0 to help me with my lists. It will save me a chunk of time, and their pretty output sheets saves a lot of hassle and double reading. I've owned it a couple of times, but my sharehousey Nomadic existance means I've lost the disk a hea of times as well.

I got my first 100% confirmed Apocalypse players - so it is 100% on. I'm glad I've been keeping up presuming players would come. I still don't know if I will need to play in order to keep the games flowing, but we will see. But my army will be ready, just in case. Army Builder 3.0 will help with this. On the weekend I will prolly do a complete army list, and a 4000 point list for Cancon.

SCA stuff will wait until this 40k frenzy is complete. My aim is to have my 4,000 point force ready for the table, lists printed, and ready boxed for transport for Australia day long weekend. Then I plan to completely clear my gaming table and turn it into a sewing table. I've been on guards before, but I was buried deep in new jobs, second jobs, recent moves to new towns, no oney, no infrastructure etc. Well my excuses are out! I have some cash, I have a workspace, I have some time. Time to go Merovingian. I've done a fair bit of purchasing, I've got a fantastic piece of craft coming from Eadwyn Corny is planning on being in the workshop - so I have a helmet plan as well.

Stuff for reign:
Cloak: Mustard fabric purchased, Red trim purchased. Awaiting: Finish of 40k army.
Shields: Purchased - Edging, Bosses, Wood, Paint. Needed: Fabric for cover.
Pants: Planned between Meesh & I. Nothing purchased yet.
Accessories: Need to Email Asa & Neen.
Helm: Need to get 14ga metal from Stephen/ order it. May not make Valentine
Weapons: Need to sit down - have all equipment.

Go date: 14th feb.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Bartski. Please put Kransky Day on one of your lists. 7 Feb. All over the city. Mmm Kransky.

You want for to go for some beers one day this week?

Flinthart said...

Have I mentioned that Natalie is enjoying the hell out of Deadwood? Me too, of course. Big thanks.

Guru Bob said...

FH - we just finished Series 2 last night...

Bart - it all sounds like you are off to a good start to me. Blogwise, 40K wise and every other way.

YsambartCourtin said...

ABe - bers sounds good. I'm free thur/fri - which one suits you best?

YsambartCourtin said...

Flinty - Everyone who isn't a 'purient interest' (great band name) loves Deadwood. The action, the tension, the AWESOME use of language.
I.e. Characters that speak in Iambic pentameter - and most people don't even notice :)

YsambartCourtin said...

Bob - one of the things about blogging - If you are having one of those really intense rides, you don't have time to write it all down :)