Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calendar Re-Launch of Jspace doom...

A caring blogwriter would craft an elegant response to the tragedy of the loss of journalspace, and then maybe go on to describe their holiday season. Well, we all know that caring isn't my strong suite, so here are a heap of impressions thrown into a roughly chronological pile.

2008 12 07 Round 3 - ABS Vs DFAT @ Mawson
Killed by rain. Didn't happen.

2008 12 13 Corn-dawg & Ray-Ray's Margareta Party.
AFTER the party, there were still five bottle of tequila. Nearly everyone bought a hole bottle, so we drank about six bottles. Turning off the lights and having the girls playing lightsaber catch and kiss is as awesome as it sounds. I crashed there, and recovered with Eggs Benedict the next morning.

2008 12 15 Eva Flight No DJ1210 Arriving 0820 CNB
Eva was in town, and we ran around doing funky stuff. Pitch and putt golf on the first day was fun. There was lots of yummy food, a bit of fighty fighty, even more movies, some 1 pin bowling and by goodness I can't remember as it was almost a month ago. My brain hurts.

2008 12 19 Clare Luna party
La Luna had two phases - first phase was the worker crowd, saying hello to the early guests - the Eva and I nicked off to the basement and watch a few metal bands, and then the second phase was the creatures of the night where we came back around midnight and partied on with the stayers. Sunday saw Rufus and Georgia in town. Played a lot of heavy with Rufus, both of us having bastard swords was big fun.

2008 12 22 Eva Flight No DJ1225 Departing 1705 CNB - 22 - Eva visit.
Bye till Festival!

2008 12 25 David, Katrina, Rufus, Georgie & crew Xmas lunch
Turkey, lamb trifle goodness. Mmm.

2008 12 26 J-Turk Boxing day
Gregory of Loch Swan got all the Descarte lads "Wings of War" and we had a big session. Being the huge Biggles fan that I am, I mainly played the British, and mainly the Sopwith Snipe and the Camel. Three on three combat action, the bomber never seemed to make it to the bomb site.

BBQ.20081231 Bar 32 New Years
Didn't end up going to Bar 32, stayed on at the B&B "Supervillans" party. They suggested watching "Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog" and I ended up creating a character in that style "Blood Wrench - 3/16th's more evil than you." Good fun, costume parties give you an excuse to ask weird questions and break the ice.

My favourite part of the break - using the spa. Most days I found a few hours in which I could lie and read in the spa. Man, that was awesome. I need to do that more...

Recent other stuff - a metric ton of BBQ's, people over, shared food, shared wine and stuff. I can't recall it all. Wii afternoon with Squish finally happened, and it was good. Wii Sports and Wii Play are still the fave's.

Also, I am back to playing, a fun little GOLF MMORPG. So you play golf with your character, and as you get XP you get better stats such as Power, Impact etc. The game is supported by the micropayment model, you buy in game goods for real money. I have spent $US20 so far on bits and bobs.

2009 01 09 Crown - 12th Night - Tas

2009 01 18 Round 4 Climate Change Vs ABS @ Chisholm 2

2009 01 24 Sat: Cancon Apoc 40k
2009 01 25 Sun: Cancon Apoc 40k
2009 01 26 Sat: Cancon Apoc 40k

2009 02 01 Round 5 ABS Vs Treasury @ TBA

2009 02 15 Round 6 ABS Vs Finance @ Phillip

20090228 Round 7 DEEWR Vs ABS @ Phillip

2009 04 09-12 Rowany festival

2009 05 01 May Crown Darton

2009 05 05-08 Northern War

2009 07 04-05 Devest Stormhold


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Hey cool, this was from work. Win!

Anonymous said...

Ha i can post here, why won't Jen's site not let me post?

Flinthart said...

Jen's site has turned Evil for some reason. I managed to post there yesterday, or maybe the day before, but now it's hostile.

Anybody heard or seen aught of Guru-Bob?

YsambartCourtin said...

I haven't run into guru-bob yet. I'll keep an eye out.

jennicki said...

Crap, my site's not working??? I had no idea...will try to fix! Sorry y'all!

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Bothersome new journals to figure out...

jennicki said...

I think I may have fixed it this time...*fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

6 bottles of tequilla? ow the headache!!